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What to bring to the Tax Interview Appointment:

PLEASE! Take a few moments to review the following information before your scheduled tax appointment. Tax returns are processed only after all required information is given to your tax preparer. Being prepared will allow for your tax return to be completed in the fastest possible manner.

    • If you are a new client, bring a copy of last yearís Federal and State tax return. (You may bring the last THREE years of tax returns and we will review to look for additional tax savings items that may have been missed.) (Returning clients do not need to bring a copy of the prior year.)
    • Bring dates of birth and Social Security numbers for all taxpayers and dependents on the return.(Be SURE that the information provided matches your social security card information. (This is needed for New Clients only, or if you are adding a dependent.)
    • W-2ís, 1099ís from Banks and Other Financial Institutions that include Interest, Dividends and Capital Gains
    • Other 1099 forms for Misc. Income Received,
    • Social Security or Rail Road Retirement year end statements, 1099ís received for Pension, Annuity and Retirement Income, Disability Income
    • Alimony Received, Unemployment Compensation.
    • Form 1099 B, Broker Transaction, Stock Sales, Mutual Fund Sales: Have the date stock was originally purchased and original cost available, as well as the date of sale and sales price of the stock/mutual funds. This information is not always included with the form 1099ís received at year-end. Contact your broker before your tax interview if necessary.
    • Itemized Deductions: Medical Expenses (out of pocket) (limited to amounts paid OVER 7.5% of your adjusted gross income), mortgage interest, real estate taxes, personal property taxes, income taxes paid to state(s), Charitable Contributions (cash and/or property donations), volunteer mileage and out of pocket volunteer expenses, Union dues, un-reimbursed employee expenses (any job related expenses paid for out of pocket, without reimbursement, to include: professional association dues, uniforms, job related travel, job related education, professional books and journals, supplies etc.) Tax preparation fees, safety deposit box rental fees, investment interest and investment expenses.
    • Real estate taxes are generally included as part of itemized deductions. New in 2008, the standard deduction may be increased for those who have real estate taxes. Please bring the amount paid for real estate taxes even if you normally take the standard deduction.
    • Home sold or purchased? Bring Settlement Sheet(s). (Settlement sheet from both original purchase and sale.)
    • Did you refinance an existing mortgage or take a Home Equity Loan? Bring Settlement Sheet(s)
    • .
    • Rental Properties? Bring summary of rental income and all rental related expenses , (expense examples: mortgage interest, real estate taxes, insurance, utilities, real estate fees/commissions, HOA dues, rental related travel and mileage, repairs, advertising, pest control) (Examples are not all inclusive), prior depreciation schedule for property (for new clients).
    • Do you own a business? Bring a summary of business income and all business related expenses. (Examples: advertising, business assets, insurance, interest, equipment rental, supplies, rent, utilities, cost of goods, auto expense, business related travel and meals, employee wages and related taxes, postage.) (See top of page for special note on business mileage for 2011.) (Examples are not all inclusive.) Prior depreciation schedules on business assets (for new clients)
    • Contributions to IRAís. (Regular, Roth, SEPS) Contribution to other plans, Keogh and Simples
    • Contributions to Coverdell Education Savings Accounts and other education related plans (529 plans).
    • Student Loan Interest Paid.
    • College Tuition Paid and related expenses (books, mileage etc)(you may be eligible for certain education credits or deductions)
    • Large Casualty Losses (NOT reimbursed through insurance)( from theft, fire, vandalism, storm etc)
    • Estimated taxes paid. Include dates and amounts paid.
    • Alimony paid, name and SS# of payee.
    • Dependent care provider (Day Care) name, tax ID# or SS#, address and amount paid to day care provider(s) for the year.
    • Moving expenses may be deductible (not all moves qualify). The cost of moving your personal belongings and persons from the old home to the new home may be deductible. (Examples: transportation of household goods, truck rental, moving company fees, cost of boxes, packing supplies, travel to new home (auto, airfare) up to 30 days of storage fees.)
    • If you prefer to have your refund direct deposited into a bank account, be sure to have the bank routing number and the account number available. (A voided check has all of the information needed. Do NOT use routing numbers found on deposit slips)


    Triple Services, Inc   2124 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Suite 204  Stafford, VA 22554